Saturday, September 10, 2011


E. Sherman Hayman thrilled us two years ago today at the opening of the A Book About Death exhibition in New York City with her delicately-made tiny coffins that quietly paid homage to the celebrated and famous (and cult ideas) in an off beat way that both tantalized and fascinated.

Wonderfully obsessive in their miniature detail and art world take on fashion, these magical little boxes took on life and culture as well as the taboo of death.

The artist (who goes by the name "Mur") will exhibit these works in Thanatos to Eros at the Lake Eustis Museum of Art in Eustis, Florida later this month.  The exhibition runs from September 30 through October 30.

More information on the work (and more images) as well as the exhibition can be found here: Mur Hayman's Tribute Caskets and on Mur Hayman's web site.

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