Monday, August 29, 2011


Poster by Angela Ferrara for A Book About Death Seattle.  Yes, that's Amy Winehouse (14 September 1983 – 23 July 2011).

And yes, it's 11.11.11.


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Anonymous said...

I wonder if Matt knew what it was going to come to...Connie Mack, IRA, pedophilia, heroin.
No " belief" that they would ever get caught, especially since they have never been caught for decades.
Edward Meese and the Queen had their " history".
But now, it appears that there is just too much " history" and that's with COLT- PEZ- RITE AID- GE - and the everlovin' " NRA".
Ace is describing all the rings and cones and " hats" and what it comes to is a " MONEDECO" for " WANGCO" and a " COCHEAT" indescribable.
C/O Rick Young.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about Ricky the Greyhound, but I do know that Leslie Caron is being condemned all over France.
Edward Meese brings her and the SEC into the big equation of money - grabbing and " S& M" and politics as well as the driven antics of Aryans on some kind of cult- driven binge. And all the Hollywood " ALS" are speaking about Summer Mann and Dick Cheney and perhaps Ami Mann, too, and how they were the " hoes" for pedophiles like Condoleeza Rice.
She seems to be extremely involved in heavy tortures and self-hatred due to being part black.
And what amazes me is the fact that nobodies like Jennifer Anistan, supposedly the prima Donna of mob in Nevada with " SS" has absolutely NO talent, whatsoever ,and that
includes intellectually, and why someone like Rice , a
pianist, a career and very capable individual , would even
rub shoulders with the likes of something like her...and this
is the shame of Neo Nazis because most really are stupid and like Adolph Hitler, uneducated , poverty stricken
and most likely , sheer pedophiles.
And for profits.