Tuesday, September 29, 2009

River Mill Art Gallery Installation [25]

Michael Chan, artist and director of River Mill Art Gallery in Westfield, NJ, installed the works from A Book About Death in his gallery.  "I tried to juxtapose the cards with artworks somehow related to death or sense of loss," he said.  "A former hospice nurse came in and was very intrigued by the subject matter."

Installations of the exhibition are as varied as the spaces they end up in, and solutions for display, as in River Mill Gallery's mounting of the show, end up mixing the cards with works already on display.  Image right: Cards are randomly stacked, and visitors can thumb through them and examine them closely.

Image, left, shows the cover of the program Michael collected during the opening at the EHF in NYC. Michael notes the placement of the cards is important: "Tibor Swimming In The Ocean," a tribute to Tibor Kalman by Maira Kalman featured in The NY Times Magazine, is just above the program for ABAD.  Tibor was creative director for Interview Magazine and he had given me quite a bit of work before he passed away due to illness in 1999."

Image, right, below: Two of the posters from the exhibition Michael printed out on his gallery printer. Michael notes: "Julia Hoffman's poster is placed alongside Steve Gianako's "Missing Children" series silkscreen prints." The eight original posters, plus the posters by Mark Bloch and Joan Harrison are high resolution PDFs and free to download and print at will. They are all posted here, with links, and on the main web site, here.  Click the images to enlarge.  Visit The River Mill Art Gallery website here.


The Politics of Shoes said...

Wonderful Michael - Thanks for documenting your exhibit here.

Gary A. Bibb said...

Indeed. Thank you Michael. What are the calendar dates for ABAD at your gallery?

I'm attempting to document which of my numbered pieces are in the various collections. Which number do you have?

Gary A. Bibb (#42)

Michael Chan said...

Jane and Gary, thanks! There is no dates for ABAD here. It will expire when the time comes. I have #273.