Monday, August 6, 2012

Eline 'T Sant : At The Stedelijk Museum Aarschot, Flanders [207]

Eline ‘T Sant, contemporary Belgian artist, who frequently travels through Africa and Asia for her work, produced a very compelling work for the NYC A Book About Death exhibition – a photograph of a row of parrots wrapped in bandages called "Necropolis."

Eline is exhibiting her current work at the Stedlelijk Museum in Aarschot, Belgium (Flanders) through 19 August 2012.  (It is very close to Bruxelles).  For more information see Eline's website:

Also her Saatchi site:

Eline says about her work: "I’ve always been fascinated by anthropology and archaeology: The primitive state, the purity of materials, the essence of life. Throughout my many voyages I’ve been looking for new basic and raw materials. Elements out of the nomads’ daily life – red earth, blood, milk and cow dung – are either directly integrated into my works or hinted to by use of paint."

"…and many things related, as the title could go on, is a downright statement: there is something animistic about these works, a spell that lingers on and consumes itself, showing scars of a ritual past. I just initiate what the works have to finish off, bridging the relation between present and past, linking vital forces with the frailty of the objects I reanimate, using ancestral means of packing, and practicing wrapping and preserving as if meant for an afterlife."

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