Friday, September 23, 2011

Joseph Nechvatal: Immersion Into Noise [171]

Joseph Nechvatal, School of Visual Art professor and participant in A Book About Death (notably his video Viral Symphony shown at MUBE in São Paulo, Brazil) has just released a new book: Immersion Into Noise.

The artist and author has pre-released the book in an HTML version, which is offered here: Immersion Into Noise.

The book touches upon the enormous subject of "cultural noise" in all its manifestations – from the metaphorical to the actual. And yes, there's a bit of Jimi Hendrix in this book as well, plus a full on wrestling match with the whole idea of an "aesthetics of noise." 

Nechvatal writes in his preface: "The notion of noise as creation itself is thus an important one that needs to be reconsidered and reevaluted."

NB: The series publisher Open Humanities Press in conjunction with the University of Michigan Library's Scholarly Publishing Office will release the print and downloadable e-book versions.

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Joseph Nechvatal said...

Immersion Into Noise [Paperback] by Joseph Nechvatal is now available for purchase.

Immersion Into Noise is intended as a conceptual handbook useful for the development of a personal-political-visionary art of noise. On a planet that is increasingly technologically linked and globally mediated, how might noises break and re-connect in distinctive and productive ways within practices located in the world of art and thought? That is the question Joseph Nechvatal explores in Immersion Into Noise.