Thursday, August 19, 2010

Seeking Kali – An Artist Call [101]

Seeking Kali is an artist call centered on myth, archetype and the manifestations of the Hindu goddess Kali. Full of paradox, Kali is mother and goddess and yet horrific as a symbol of dissolution and destruction. She devours time and slashes ego. 
Curated by Ria Vanden Eynde, William Evertson and Susan Shulman, the three began collaboration shortly after meeting in connection with A Book About Death
Evertson writes: "While producing a portfolio of images of Kali, in wonderful synchronicity, several other artists began to share their images. Because of the inspired responses to achieving a western understanding of Kali, we are first initiating an artist call in which we invite you to freely interpret your vision of Kali to be shared online on the Seeking Kali blog."
(Image above by Joan Harrison). Submission details are available at
Future plans at Seeking Kali include a print portfolio of Kali images. If you would like to remain informed about future Seeking Kali developments please visit the blog for updates

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