Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Hankie Project [87]

Six months ago artist and art dealer Julie Barratt invited artists to submit a work on a handkerchief that responded in some way to death and grief.  This soon became known as The Hankie Project, a kind of sister project to A Book About Death.  More than 100 works were submitted from over a dozen countries.  Each work is an actual handkerchief, and often a text travels alongside the submitted piece.  The exhibition opens at Barratt Galleries in Alstonville Australia on June 18.

Many artists who submitted works to A Book About Death (and its subsequent exhibitions), also contributed to Barratt's project. (The project's web site links ABAD's exhibitions).

Katka Adams, a local Australian artist, says about the project, "Grief can often be a very private lonely place, but by  inviting every one in to share their stories and experiences, a common art work is produced; and a healing community is created. I have often felt that our culture and society is now missing a process or way of dealing with our grief. Every one is sort of left to do what ever they feel is right for them, but this can be confusing and difficult. Other cultures have strong traditions and customs which people follow and they feel they have dealt with the death of a loved one honorably and in the right way."

The cover work for the invitation features the work of the youngest participant – four-year old Olli Shearman. (Top image).

To view the online catalog of works as well as accompanying texts, please visit the exhibition blog:

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