Friday, March 5, 2010


A Book About Death will open in Mexicali at San Diego State University's Steppling Art Gallery on March 10. Curated by artist Bibiana Padilla Maltos & Sheila Dollente, the exhibition combines the archival works from the original exhibition at The Emily Harvey Foundation Gallery in New York with new works sent in by mail in the form of 4 x 6 inch postcards...on the theme of death.

Bibiana Padilla Maltos is one of the original artists involved in the project that launched in New York.  She previously organized an exhibition of the work in Tiajuana Mexico.  She notes that she is currently planning a larger exhibition for a museum yet to be determined in Mexico City, Mexico later on in 2010.  Bibiana is both artist and curator; her work focuses on a wide range of post-Fluxus concepts.

You can download this poster by clicking on it and saving it to your hard disk. 

For all additional information on the artist call and to connect with the curators and contribute to the Mexicali exhibition, please see the web site created specificall for the exhibition: .

The exhibition will be held at San Diego State University, Steppling Art Gallery, 720 Heber Avenue, Calexico, California 92231. 

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Robert Smith said...

I am looking forward to this exhibition at San Diego State University. Especially its great to see Bibiana Padilla Maltos in San Diego, who is one of the original artists involved in the project that launched in New York.