Friday, October 2, 2009

Gary A Bibb: Memento Mori [29]

Memento Mori, Gary A Bibb's slide show of 100 of the works he produced for A Book About Death.

See Gary's web site here.

Gary writes: "To all A Book About Death collectors who have one of my Memento Mori pieces in their collection: I created 500 signed and numbered, individual handmade-drawings as my entry for the exhibititon. There is a website dedicated to this collectionThere is also an additional site as an archive.

Please email me with the specific numbers in your collection so I can document them. I would also like to post your name (or institution name) and location on my archive. You may remain anonymous but please provide the number and location.  E-mail:

Additionally, if you choose to exhibit your edition of ABAD and have one of my pieces in your set, please email me the information because I am documenting them as well. – Gary A. Bibb (#42)

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