Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Day Of The Dead/Dia De Los Muertos : ABAD At The Queens Art Museum [36]

The exhibition of A Book About Death at The Queens Art Museum opens on November 1 and runs through November 15, 2009. Go to the Queens Art Museum web site, leave a comment, participate, plan to visit. 

Many thanks to artist Louise Weinberg for organizing this exhibition of A Book About Death in conjunction with celebrations around Dia de lost Muertos. She has also called for artists to contribute new works to the exhibition and has created a workshop for the show in Queens. So...cross the bridge!

Click the image to enlarge and read, or go to the Queens Art Museum site.

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Ravenna Taylor said...

I have some of my own postcards from the ABAD at the Emily Harvey Foundation; I can send some to anyone who might be organizing a re-showing in another venue. Please contact me through FB or by email: ravenna@ravennataylor.com thanks,