Monday, September 27, 2010

Ginny Lloyd : ABAD at The Jaffe Center For Book Arts at FAU [110]

Artist Ginny Lloyd recently exhibited A Book About Deat at Florida Atlantic University's Jaffe Center for Book Arts.  She writes:  

"When the A Book About Death project and exhibition was announced I knew this was something special that I wanted to be a part of, as an artist participant in all ways. I made immediate plans to attend the opening at the Emily Harvey Gallery in NYC and worked on my submission while I was on vacation. It wasn’t easy, coming up with a concept and executing it remotely, but I made the deadline. [Photo, above, from left to right: Keith Buchholz, Reed Altemus, Bibiana Maltos, Reid Wood, Ginny Lloyd].

"Attending the opening, seeing other artists I had not been in touch with for years and gathering my copy of the original show was an experience. By the time I had stooped over boxes and boxes, increasing the load in my bag as I collected “pages” of the book, I felt I was in an interactive theater experiencing death by book. I joked with a few other artists that Matthew had wanted us to be the unwitting participants of this death theater by placing the boxes in rows on the floor in a hot room.

"Carrying the book back to my hotel room and subsequently organizing it for the flight home I felt I had obtained a treasure. Little did I realize at the time how this project would grow and circulate the world with many variations on the original exhibit.

"This summer when my 80s archive was collected by the curator at the Florida Atlantic University’s Jaffe Center for Book Arts for an impending display of my work and archives titled Carbon Alternative, I showed him my copy of A Book About Death. John immediately loved the concept and wanted to dedicate a case just for the book. The photographs you see document this display.

"Appearing one afternoon during the Carbon Alternative exhibition was the Inter-Florida Fluxus Tour including Keith Buchholz, Bibiana Maltos, Reed Altemus, Reid Wood (and me). All of us were in the original exhibit and also attended the Emily Harvey Gallery opening a year ago. The book brought us to together in NYC and again in Florida. So the cycle continues."

If you would like more information about the Carbon Alternative exhibit, 80s art, or the tour check out the following: Carbon Alternative show July 15th to October 18th at
Inter-Florida Fluxus Tour

Information about 80s activities and art at:  Image above: Ginny Lloyd's piece for A Book About Death (NYC September 2009).

Ivana Režek's 11 Visions in Paris [109]

A group show of 11 contemporary lady artists on the subject of women and the aspects of femininity Ivana Režek, curator of the ABAD exhibitions in Zagreb and with co-curator with Natasa Stanisic for ABAD Sarajevo, has come to Paris with 11 Visions, a group show featuring 11 women artists from Eastern Europe.

The exhibition opened September 24 at Galerie Art'est, 96 Rue Quincampoix, Paris, France, 75003

Getting 11 women to detail their intimate and personal stories in paint, collage and photograph is quite a feat, not to mention getting them all to Paris.  The exhibition, conceived by Ivana, previously traveled to Berlin.

The group show covers two small rooms but details quite effectively the world of women: secrets, memories, hidden personalities, childhood fantasies, sometimes stepping into the realms of dreams, fantasy and fairytales, magic, witchcraft, and an identification with archetypal characters like deities, witches, and angels.

Artists: Tajči Čekada, Krešimira Gojanović, Anja Maleć, Marina Paulenka, Ivana Režek, Nataša Stanišić, Vesna ŠantakDiana Šimek, Bruna Tomšić, Martina Vrbanić, and Gabrijela Rukelj.

Galerie Art'est, 96 rue Quincampoix, 75003 Paris
mail:  Tel: Exhibition from September 24 - October 2 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Billie Maciunas: The Eve of Fluxus [108]

Billie Maciunas has graciously contributed a copy of her new book, "The Eve of Fluxus," to the Ray Johnson and A Book About death Permanent Archive. The book is a memoir of Billie's meeting and marrying George Maciunas, founder of the 20th century art group Fluxus. This group influenced Ray Johnson and many of the contributing A Book About Death artists.

Writes author Billie Maciunas: "The Eve of Fluxus: A Fluxmemoir is published by Arbiter Press, an independent press in Orlando, Florida. The book is 131 pages, measures 6-inches x 8-1/4 inches, and includes photos by Hollis Melton of The Flux Wedding and the Black and White Piece that George and I performed for the Flux Cabaret on February 25, 1978.

"Photos include images of Louise Bourgeois, Jackson Mac Low, Alison Knowles, Geoffrey Hendricks, Nam June Paik, and Larry Miller (as maid of honor).

"Art historian Kristine Stiles wrote the Preface; Fluxus artist Geoffrey Hendricks contributed the Introduction, and Fluxus artist Larry Miller wrote the Afterword.

"The book cover and all photos are black and white as an homage to George’s graphic style and the fact that he was color blind. It is primarily a love story as told by an itinerant poet who was profoundly changed by association with and marriage to George. In writing the book I tried to associate George’s personal attributes with those he possessed as an artist. The subtitle, a Fluxmemoir refers to the style of the book, which crosses scholarly, fictional, poetic, and nonfictional genres."

The book has three covers, “Bubble,” (pictured), “Silo,” and “Bullet,” designed by D. S. H. Watson, Orlando, Fl. You can order the one you like. See: On The Eve of Fluxus site for all information.

Joseph Nechvatal In Paris: Art Retinal Revisité [107]

American artist in Paris, Joseph Nechvatal, opened his exhibition Art Retinal Revisité at Galerie Jean-Luc + Takado Richard, on September 4. Nechvatal, who contributed his film Viral Symphony to the ABAD exhibition at MUBE in Brazil, explores the deterioration of the retinal image through digital works focusing on various human apertures.

The exhibition features some 25 digital works from his ground-breaking digital painting works. 

On Sunday, September 26, the artist invites the Parisian public to attend a performance of his Viral Symphony at the gallery. Click on image above to see the information for the performance.

Visit Joseph Nechvatal's website.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fluxhibition #4, ABAD Texas & More [106]

Fluxhibition 4, ABAD Texas, the work of Lenny Quarles and Nernia opening October 8.  Through October 30.  

Image: Mark Bloch performing at ABAD New York, September, 2009.

Fran Bull: In Flanders Field [105]

Fran Bull one of the formidable and well known artists to have contributed to the ABAD project, opened her full-on installation, In Flanders Field at The Woman Made Gallery in Vermont in January, 2010.

Gallery Assistant, Ruby Thorkelson, just published a piece about the exhibition as well as the fascinating job of installing this massive exhibition.  See Ruby Thorkelson's article, click here (and many many photos). 

An interview/review of the exhibition also recently surfaced on Vermont Artzine that we'd like to share as well. (It's in two parts).  See the Fran Bull interview on Vermont Artzine.

"In Flanders Fields is an epic and elegiac hymn composed of subtle yet powerful notes reminding us of the constant interplay between life and death, not only on the world stage, but in our own day to day lives."   – excerpt from B. Amore review for Art New England Magazine .

"I feel like I am part of it. I can feel the mourn of all the souls that could have died in all the battles that the world has had. It gives many people a vision of sadness and the bad things that hatred can bring upon people." – From the Guestbook at the exhibition.

Image: In Flanders Fields In Situ. Photo: Michael Heeney